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We are a couple that have found that battling the bulge is easier when we do it together and with really good tasting foods.We love our food. However, eating fabulous meals out was taking its toll on our waistlines. We realized that the only way we could lure ourselves away from the great restaurants we loved to frequent was if the food we made was not only healthy but tasted as good as or better than the restaurants. Healthy ingredients add a lot more flavor when they are fresh, in season and locally sourced. So, we began frequent our neighborhood’s farmers’ markets. Soon, we began looking for local farms that we could pick our own produce or that sold produce on site. We researched new items and googled recipes. Soon we were developing our own recipes. One of our favorite topics of conversations at dinner is to critique (constructively) the recipes and what we would do differently next time. Sometimes we decide there will not be a next time. ¬†Our blog really started after one of our weekly walks to the farmers’ market. We were at a booth while a customer was asking the woman working the farm’s booth about bok choy, what it was and how to prepare it. The booth worker didn’t know. Jenn stepped in to give them both some tips. The customer, now armed with a recipe and tips, bought the bok choy. The woman working said she was going to take some home as well. This was not even the first time that day that the same scenario had played out. It dawned on us that the couple that use to refer to produce as “food that food eats” had amassed a decent amount of knowledge on local, seasonal produce. Oh, and more importantly, our waistlines were shrinking weekly and we were loving it. We still eat out once a week to give ourselves a break from doing dishes. But, now we struggle to find places that can feed us better than we feed ourselves and that feels pretty good!


Just a note, our recipes tend to be low on the carbohydrate side. Jenn has found that grains and sugars not only inhibit her weight loss but make her feel pretty lousy in general. We realize that every person’s physiology is different as well as their definition of healthy. We do not suggest that the recipes we post are going to make you lose weight or become more healthy by your definition of healthy. We simply want to introduce seasonal produce with some preparation ideas using whole foods. We also aim to provide some behind the scenes information on farms and farmers’ markets.


As individuals, we are “hobbiholics”. Jenn is a book loving, glass blowing, trapeze instructing, poker playing, genealogy researching, cooking,and hiking fool. While Keith’s interests lie in poker, photography, screen printing, art, books, technology, and backpacking. We may have many separate interests but, our love of food, camping, hiking, backpacking, and travelling keeps us enjoying a lot of time together. And all of our other hobbies ensure we make the most of our time apart!


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