Farm Market Report: Rittenhouse Square Farmers Market

I work in downtown Philly, and I frequently take walks during lunch. One of my favorite haunts is Rittenhouse Square, a lovely (if somewhat overcrowded) park just a few blocks south of work. Jenn and I did the “Rocky Steps” walk last weekend, and as we headed back towards the train, we cut through the park, and saw signs for the farmers market (which we’d missed).

So I got up this morning and took the train over to Philly. After wandering around for a bit looking for an ATM, I did a quick pass through all of the stands. It definitely is more “market” than “farmers”, although there definitely were some excellent farm stands. My bounty is thusly:

God, help me, I'm taking pictures of produce...
God, help me, I’m taking pictures of produce…

A couple of lovely peaches & plums (OK, I’ve already eaten one of the peaches), some seriously peppery arugula, fairy tale eggplant, colorful sweet peppers, cippolini onions (I know, I know), white sweet potatoes and a couple of not-yet-overripe plantains are buried in the bottom there somewhere…not in the picture is a free-range whole chicken and a little over a pound of dungeness crab clusters (both frozen and not feeling particularly photogenic).

Whoops! I should back up: the plantains and sweet potatoes I found at Sue’s Produce Market, half a block north of Rittenhouse on 18th street. I discovered Sue’s during one of my lunch constitutionals, and grabbed the potatoes & plantains during my walk to the train station yesterday (which is what got me thinking about coming back today for the farmer’s market).

Prices seem pretty high for the produce: the onions were $5 for a pint. The peppers and eggplant were $3 per pint. The peaches and plums seemed kinda pricey, too, but I don’t recall the specifics. I liked the selection, and it was super crowded (with lots of puppies out), but I don’t think I’d make a special trip out to Philly just to make it to the market, but it may become a necessity in the off-season, as this market runs year-round!

Apparently, they also run a mini-market mid-week (Tuesday) which is seasonal: I may start stopping out here during the week to help fill in the gaps in our shopping as they become apparent.

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